Sunday, December 17, 2006

Value Wines from Paul's

Bought 6 bottles from Paul's yesterday. Paul's is a no nonsense wine and liquor store in Friendship Heights (right below my dance studio). By far, this place has the best selection and most knowledgeable staff around, not to mention great deals. Check this place out (unless you love Disneyland and the mall--in which case, you should just head to Best Cellars).

Opened a Penfold's Kanoonga Hill Shiraz Cab blend. Nice, smooth, understated. Notes of vanilla.


2 Penfold's Kanoonga Hill Shiraz Cab 2004
1 Rosenblum Zin Vintner's Cuvee (a concept where the vintner combines grapes from different areas--a starter, table wine) very nice and inexpensive
1 Ravenswood Zin Vintner's Blend 2004 (again, combining grapes from different areas--comparable to the Rosenblum)
1 (Marquis) Philips Shiraz 2005 (Wine Advocate rating of 91 points)
1 Ferrari Corrano Fume Blanc 2004 (Of course I always go for this reliable screw top. Barrel aged, light but with a hint of oak, a unique style not found in a lot of California whites)

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