Thursday, March 29, 2007

Jackie Warner-Inspired Salads

Ok, I've gained like 10 pounds (give or take 3) since the holidays...and the main reason is that I haven't been dancing or working out like I should. I have been too busy sleeping til noon and doing "research" for this blog. Anyhoo, I'm getting back to the gym, contemplating a second dance class, and maybe even yoga or pilates. Perhaps it's the warm weather, the new job, or my clothes not fitting...or maybe it's the show "Workout" with that hot trainer, Jackie Warner, that has inspired me. That's right, I want this woman's body. Is it the Kashi? The soy milk? No, no, that is, I want a body *like* hers. I'm going to work it out until I, too, look like Skeletor with muscles. Tonight, I made a salad of avocado, green leaf lettuce, tomatoes, and shaved emmentaler and dressed it with red wine vinegar and olive oil. I had it with a little side of mixed olives and a cup of mint tea. It was really tasty! This is getting to be a good trend for me, as the last couple places I've been to eat, I've had some pretty great (and light) salads:

1) The Afghan salad--tomatoes, Onions, Cucumbers, Bell Peppers With Mint Dressing at the Afghan Grill
Tomato, Avocado, Hearts of Palm, Blue Cheese, Sherry Vinaigrette at Merkado

Note: Despite all the references, I must reiterate that I am not a lesbian (and I don't really watch tv).

...and for anyone interested, Jackie has a great protein shake that she mentions on her show. The recipe is...

2 cups of organic mixed berries
1 scoop of mega green powder
1 serving of whey protein powder
1 tbsp of flaxseed oil (Cold Pressed)
1 tbsp of liquid amino acids
1 cup of icemix in blender

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Curt said...

Good luck with achieving your fitness goals. If Jackie Warner inspires you - you may want to check out a blog post about her training and 24 fitness tips. You'll also find the recipe for her skylab protein shake.

Best of luck!

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