Thursday, June 14, 2007

What-Washington-Eats Wednesdays: Alberto Gonzalez

Though Al was spared a final no-confidence vote in the Senate a couple days ago, there is hardly relief in sight for the Attorney General. The Justice Department today announced an internal investigation into his politicization of the department, including his role in the firings of nine U.S. attorneys. Forget about food. I don’t think Al has eaten in a while. His nourishment most likely comes in liquid form. What would this Harvard Law-educated grandson of illegal immigrants drink? Something stiff, yet classic. Perhaps a GIN martini (see recipe below). (Vodka is for green apple martini’s and glow sticks.)

Gin is basically refined vodka. They start the same way: by distilling grain. But gin has the added benefit of juniper berries, which impart an aromatic flavor. Forget the Beefeaters. The AG needs to take it up a notch with some artisanal

-No. 209 (San Francisco). Gentle with bergomot peel and citrus.
-Plymouth (England). First recorded martini recipe was made with this brand.
-Hendricks (Scotland) Exotic. Infused with cucumber and flavored with rose petals.
-Citadelle (France). Only gin distilled with 19 botanicals. Handcrafted one cask at a time.

Gin Martini Recipe:

6 ounces of freezing gin.
5 drops of dry vermouth.
2 small twists of lemon rind.
2 Picholine olives.
The mix
Fill a glass martini shaker about 3/4 full of cracked, clean ice.
Pour your gin into the shaker and let stand for sixty seconds. Count down from sixty to zero.
Approach your shaker with caution, and lovingly apply the lid.
Shake, shake, shake. About fifteen, vigorous, diagonal shakes should do the trick.
Put that shaker down and get two well chilled martini glasses from the fridge or freezer. Allow the shaker to rest for about another sixty seconds.
Into each glass drop two drops of vermouth (the fifth drop is just for good luck).
Each glass gets a twist and an olive (the olive is optional--though we love em).
Strain your very chilly gin into each glass.
*This Wednesday series is dedicated to what (in)famous Washingtonians eat.

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