Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Case For Tort Reform and Some Korean Food

You've heard about this--the ridiculous case of the $54 million lawsuit over some missing (but eventually recovered) pants. The good news is that justice prevailed and the ruling was in favor of the defendents: these poor, hardworking small business owners. After two years of stress (both emotional and financial), they will get their court costs paid by the claimant,

this clown (Roy Pearson, left):

However, the legal fees that the Chungs incurred, which may (but most likely will not) be paid by Pearson--who is awaiting (an equally unlikely) reappointment as an administrative law judge--are significant. Come show your support for the Chungs (i.e. help them with their hefty legal bills) and attend a cocktail fundraiser on their behalf at the US Chamber of Commerce (see details by clicking on banner above). If you can't make it, at least support another Korean-owned small business: Mandu restaurant on 18th.

Try the bibimbap and bulgogi (rice-and-vegetable medley and the barbecued beef). Yum.

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