Monday, December 10, 2007

Thought of the Day: Food Associations

They say that the olfactory sense (of smell) is the most powerful conjurer of memory. For me, in a similar way, food evokes wonderfully poignant associations.

1. mushrooms = cool autumnal woods and morning dew on blades of grass
2. brioche = cherubic babies and mother’s milk
3. steamed crabs = warm summer days and flip flops
4. soft ripened cheese = provincial village-towns and lambs in green fields
5. chicken = white cars and Basics cigarettes
6. Kraft products = screaming children and coupons
7. cream cheese = theme parties and PBR
8. casseroles = your grandmother’s green shag carpet
9. iceberg lettuce = e-coli and drive-throughs
10. salmon = Ruby Tuesday’s and the new “town center” in your ex-urb.

What are your food associations?


The Professor said...

You should get a job in "life target" marketing, profiling consumers and voters by what other products they buy.

Who needs data mining when they can just tap the stereotypes in your mind?

Food Rockz Man said...

You're back! I take it you've been in China. I've missed your blogging. Food associations . . . gallon jug of cheap red wine = passed out under a picnic table in the desert in a puddle of vomit with a screaming headache upon awakening. Yes, I took the liberty to expand this into a drink association . . . one that really brings me back to the good ole days!

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