Saturday, February 02, 2008

When You Don't Have a Tedious Enough Personality to Enjoy Baking: Grilled Panatone & Marscapone

I don't bake. I'm not exacting, or patient, or able to follow rules. In fact, I can't stand following recipes. That's why I am a better cook than baker. Cooking is more forgiving and allows for interpretation and (even better) improvisation. Baking is more of a science with its measurements and coloring within the lines...and since I'm a scientist of the fake variety, it totally follows that I suck at this business of mixing and measuring and flour.

For those of you in the same boat, try this simple dessert. All it requires is the following:
-grill slices of Panatone bread
-whip marscapone cheese with your favorite liqueur (mine is Cointreau--better than Grand Marnier for food recipes)
-top the grilled bread with the cheese
-drizzle honey
-sprinkle with shaved dark chocolate

This is an easy, relatively elegant dessert for us rodeo clowns who find baking tedious. Tell your mama and your girlfriend with the matchy-matchy furniture/wardrobe about it.

p.s. It goes surprisingly well with a big red like cab or shiraz(or whatever is left over from dinner).


dchartier said...

Hey Rogainsta - So I am playing bachelor tonight, the wife is out trying to find a new Muslim husband at a hookah bar. I am going to try this and eat my sorrows away. Thanks for the post.



Dearest Hippo,

Please let me know how this turns out for you. And by this, I mean your marriage...



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