Saturday, May 01, 2010

Sidewalk Saturday

Today's a gorgeous day here in DC! It's in the 80s and breezy. G went golfing this morning and after he returned, we walked down to Hank's for a little brunch. I had told G that I want to get in as much of our sidewalk-culture neighborhood as possible before we move. I love it so (in spite of our craptastic neighbors). Everything is so accessible and within--yes--walking distance, and there are tons of great local eateries that have sidewalk dining.
Sidewalk culture; yes, I wear that $6 shirt every chance I get.

I had the perfect portion of the freshest pan-fried rainbow trout with fresh marjoram (simple with no acoutrements save for a bit of lemon) and he had the crab cake eggs Benedict (Hank's is an oyster bar, so lots of seafood, and it's my favorite neighborhood haunt). We sat outside on the patio. It was wonderful.

 Hank's crabcake eggs Benedict and simple pan-fried rainbow trout.

Then we took a walk around the neighborhood. It's amazing how lush and green all the gardens are. I love city gardens! The beautiful contrast of iron edging and fencing with federal and Victorian architecture, ivy, and flowery bushes!

Various gardens around the neighborhood; the Masonic Temple community garden around the corner from us.

We stopped by U street to a mid-century modern place, called Millenium--we pop in everyone once in a while to see what they have (it's ever-changing).

 Millenium Decorative Arts

Looked into the window of Cake Love (do you know who Warren Brown is? He's our local food celeb). 

Cake Love!

And then went to Whole Foods to pick up odds and ends for Michelle's engagement party I'm throwing tomorrow!
Hydrangeas and cured meats; We always forget to bring a bag (DC has a bag tax...a sort of sin tax to clean up the Anacostia River--that's right, 80-20 rule--20% of the population causes 80% of the problems--and we all get to pay because that's more fun than addressing the root cause--but I digress); we got hydrangeas.

I decided to get this hydrangea plant, as I can clip the heads off of them and put them into the mint julep cups we had leftover from the wedding.

Now, off to bake a cake and make some crêpes (Champagne brunch is the theme/menu)!

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Nicole Peterson said...

Today was PERFECT and BEAUTIFUL. I should have taken advantage of walking around more like you and G. But I treated myself to an eyebrow waxing, pedi, and a delightful breakfast at the Park Hyatt.

I wish every Saturday was like this.

Enjoy the shower tomorrow. And take pics of your cake baking and do share the recipe.

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