Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thoughts on Wedding Dinner Menu

So for my wedding, I created this storyboard of elements that inspire me. I'm missing a big factor that moves me: food.

I know that I want the food to be spectacular at my wedding, and there will be absolutely no chicken, salmon, or steak.

We love lamb. Lots of lamb. And the alternative might be a beautiful mountain trout as a nod to the venue. We figure if we only serve lamb as the main amongst the five other courses (which includes day boat scallops, salad, cheese , soup, and on and on) no one would feel hungry or deprived.

What would you serve?


Hi-po said...

Have you meet with anyone yet? I mean a pro who specializes in weddings/events?


nah, i was thinking of making it completely diy. like i'd kick the chef and the wedding planner out of the kitchen at the Homestead and cook a bunch of stuff up the day of my wedding based solely on recommendations from my blog readers!

Hi-po said...

Wow! That’s super ambitious!
So something easy...A while back we had Lambchops on cippolini with black bean sauce thing served with a mushroom lasagna thing and amazing combo. Also just last week we made lamb burgers fun with a little goat cheese, and heirloom tomatoes.

Anthony said...

Great call deciding against the traditional dull meat/fish in a metal warming dish. I would imagine that a lot of your menu will be dictated by whatever is in season.

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