Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Quick Meat & Vegetables. Butterflied Pork & Succotash

I don't know what succotash really is. I just have the impression that it's some starchy vegetables and maybe some legumes. Perfect for the frozen peas, corn, and lima beans I had, as well as the can of black eyed peas that my mother said should have been eaten New Year's for good luck. Yeah. Threw them all into a pan of olive oil with some shallots and fresh herbs. Let them cool for a bit and tossed them with some Champagne vinegar and sea salt.

Mr. Roganista needed some meat to go with that. So we made a quick trip to Whole Paycheck to grab some weird butterflied cut of pork. I marinated in whatever I had on hand: dijon, olive oil, garlic, Worcesteshire, and rosemary. Seared them and then finished them in the oven. Put the meat on top of the "succotash" interpretation. In all it took about 30 minutes. I think Rachel Ray would be proud.

Had a nice bottle of Woodenhead Pinot with the meal. Pork and pinot go so lovely together...

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