Friday, June 26, 2009

We're back. I got nothin for you...

We got back from our wedding/honeymoon last week. I have so much to catch up on, including all the food photos I took on our Italian food extravaganza. We managed to eat at two Michelin-starred spots, and one "best restaurant in Parma". Surprisingly, I've only gained two pounds. I'm now at 100.

It must be the cold that I have. Or the fact that I broke my camera 1/3 of the way into our two-week honeymoon. So depressing! I'm lost without my camera. Good thing I have a husband to stand in for it. I need to meditate on something other than the news about Michael Jackson. Ligurian olive oil and unctuous truffled salt will do.

I promise I'll write more. So for now, enjoy the sneak-peek our photogs gave us of the moments before the wedding. Not that you care. Yes you do.

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