Thursday, July 09, 2009

The "Bring Whatever Pinot You Got in Your Cellar Party"...(you got a cellar?)

On Sunday, the 5th, we went Deb & Martin's house in Tenleytown. As one of our favorite gallerists, we were eager to see their art collection, which includes some Warhols (not posters, kids, originals)! But beyond being art aficionados, they also love food and wine, and have a cellar to boot. So at their last minute invitation, they convened several couples, all of whom store/cellar great wines and have a great love of food.

On their lovely back patio, we sipped these three Pinot's, all American (as a nod to Independence day), and all pretty good.

I contributed these crab and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms. I had never made them before, and thought, Why not experiment on some people I don't know very well?

Deb put out some lovely little bits, including these heirloom cherry tomatoes (they were so deeply purple in color, I thought they were mini plums)...
...some nice cheese and bread...And then came the main attraction, the swordfish. Tim (of Tim and Francoise fame), helped grill the steaks to absolute perfection. And by perfection, I mean the most tender, delicate, and buttery swordfish I'd ever tasted.

Deb had marinated them in a bit of olive oil and topped the final product with sauteed onions, sage, golden raisins and toasted pine nuts. Francoise remarked that the sage was unexpected with the fish. But its depth, along with the toasted pine nuts, helped to stand up to the strength of the Pinots, I thought!

It was crazy how buttery soft this fish was. Deb attributed it to having been freshly cut (and presumably, caught). Here's to amazing ingredients and fun flavor plays!

She accompanied the fish with this simple and tasty mash of potatoes and butternut squash.

Texture was provided by this lovely green salad topped with pea shoots and a light vinaigrette!

For dessert, we had this wine with some fresh berries and ice cream brought by Tony and Andrea.

Simple and magnificent!!!

Thanks, Deb and Martin!
p.s. You'll note that I got my camera back. (I've missed her so!) Canon has a great service program, by the way!

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