Saturday, July 25, 2009

Art Gallery Stuff: Nice Noshes and Lou Reed

Laurie and David Adamson held a private opening of Lou Reed's photographic work last night. "Romanticism" is Lou Reed's third photo collection, the subjects are various landscape and architectural motifs encountered and documented in travels through Scotland, Denmark, Spain, Rome, China and Big Sur in California. It's pretty decent stuff - we are purchasing one small piece along with the book of his work. (Check out image #21 at the Adamson Gallery.)

We enjoyed the food and drinks as much as the art. They served small hors d'oevres of seared tuna on tortilla chips, mini crabcakes, Tuscan flatbread pizza, and avocado and goat cheese crostinis. Very simple, but quite delicious. The drinks of Champagne and Mojitos were perfect for the hot weather.

Laurie Anderson - sans her signature red hair.

G and collector extraordinaire, Philip Barlow
With David Adamson and Lou Reed

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