Monday, July 20, 2009

Macarons! ACKC, Not Just for Chocolate Phalluses Anymore

As I mentioned in my previous post, we stopped by ACKC (Artfully Chocolate, Kingsbury Confections), a "cocoa bar" that serves hand-made chocolates and other sugary treats (as well as drinks) in a cafe setting. (They somehow blend art into the mix as well.) Brightly colored in pink and yellow with bistro seating inside and outside along the sidewalk, the shop is vibrant and cutesy.

It reminds me of Ethel M's, a chocolate "bar" out in Las Vegas, where they offer couture chocolates and gourmet drinks. Anyway, the concept is still relatively novel in this part of the world, so there's that kind of appeal. However, since I'm not a chocolate lover--save for the occasional dark chocolate--it's lost on me. That is, until I saw this sign:

So many times, I've walked by our gayborhood's sweet shop, which has been known to display chocolate penises, just to turn my nose up! This particular evening last Friday, they were advertising some macarons that they got in from Michel Patisserie (who?). So we had to try it out. There was a nice assortment of colors and flavors...even these Bastille Day red white a blue (which looked more like hot pink and turquoise).

We opted for a classic pistachio; a funny speckled passion fruit and chocolate; and a brightly hued raspberry.

We ate them the next morning. They were definitely created using the French method, which yields a flatter top and granier texture (whereas the Italian method results in a smooth and puffy hamburger-bun product). Though I like the texture and appearance of French method, there was something missing with these. Don't get me wrong - they were good (and bravo to anyone who can make these impossible treats). But I prefer the ones at Kafe Leopold's (even though they're of the Italian variety) - they have a really nice, rich nutty flavor.

I would, however, go back to ACKC to try out something dark chocolate-y.

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