Sunday, July 12, 2009

Eggs in a tree

Last week, while visiting my mom, she and I picked tomatoes from her garden.

Then she pointed out this small nest. It was built on a surprisingly low branch of a Japanese Maple in her yard.

This was what was inside. A beautiful blue egg and a hatchling! So fragile:

This week, I came back, curious to see what remained. The mother bird flew away when I came outside last week. I was worried she wouldn't come back, that I had screwed up the flow or something. But apparently she flies off only for brief periods, always to return (according to my mom who has been watching the birds). This was what I saw this Sunday.

They grow fast! Two little chicks, feathery and huge (compared to their state last week)!
Nature is amazing. Eggs are amazing.

Disjointed, but related, have you seen the specialty egg selection at Whole Foods? They have everything from giant Ostrich eggs to small purple speckled (not sure from what kind of bird) ones.

What on earth do you do with an Ostrich egg? Apparently one is equal to 20-24 chicken eggs, and the taste is not noticeably different.

Anyone try any of these unique eggs?

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