Friday, July 10, 2009

Food Advice Fridays: Date Night

I'm introducing a new series: Advice Fridays. Ask me anything related to food, where to eat, or what to serve your new boy/girlfriend/spouse/summer fling for dinner.

Email me at to, seriously, ask anything!

The first query comes from a friend about date night with her husband:

hi !

need some help... i told [my husband] that i would plan 'date night' tonight and i haven't a clue where to go. i was hoping for a place w/ outdoor seating but that seems to be hard to find (w/ good food). have you ever been to central michel richard? how about zola? got any new suggestions? even if it's not outside... something bright, cheerful and tasty? thanks so much!



Dear J,

Well, we've been to Central, and aren't big fans. It's okay, but the downtown location isn't fun times. Do you want something relaxed/fun or elegant?

My favorite place in the neighborhood that DOES have outdoor dining is Hank's Oyster bar. But it's really casual. Like flip flops at the Cap (Cod) casual. They don't take reservations, but the wait may not be that bad, since you can linger at the bar.

Also, I love CASHION'S Eat Place! They have outdoor seating. The food is great and it's very popular, but not over-run (like say, Lauriol Plaza).

I do like Zola a lot. They have a chic dining room, elegant/delicious/accessible menu. And their bar area also has dining, albeit a bit more relaxed. Their signature drinks are really fun (try the White Knight). The food is generally great. This might be your best bet.

There are other options in the Gallery Place neighborhood. Poste is one of our favorites. How about Proof for some nice wine and charcuterie? Good luck, and have fun!




[Dear Roganista]:

thanks so much for the suggestions... we went to zola and it was simply delicious! we actually thought about taking pictures of the food to send to you. ;) we ate way too much and decided to walk off the yummy dinner. we had the most romantic walk to the white house, washington monument and WWII memorial. it was such a beautiful night! thanks again for your help!



*for my previous post about Zola, read here.

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