Saturday, July 18, 2009

Salad Pizza is My Favorite, Posto

In my last two posts, I made reference to pizza. It made me realize that I had not had American pizza in quite a while (the big slice I had at my bachelorette night doesn't count as pizza...or food).

So we walked over to Posto Friday night. The new-ish neighborhood Italian place--brought to you by the guys over at the swanky Tosca (not to be confused with the La Tasca chain)--is their more democratic eatery. More casual, no white table cloths, but certainly not down market. The prices are recession-friendly, and the service is good (they replace your silverware after each course and everything).

We started with the brageola. So many cured meats are made of pork - this is not one of them. A dried cured beef, it was unassuming and yummy served with a tossing of arugula, walnuts, thin slices of pecorino and a garlic and celery sauteed warm dressing. Celery? It worked.

We brought with us this bottle. Corkage was only $20. (Did you know that it's illegal to charge more than $25 for corkage in DC? Now you do.)

I like, what I call, salad pizza - a warm pizza with some sort of uncooked greens on top. I had the Canales pizza, a pie made of melted bufala mozzarella and fresh sliced tomatoes, topped with prosciutto and fresh, cool arugula. The contrasting saltiness of the thinly sliced prosciutto with the peppery coolness of the arugula along with the additional dimension of the soft, creamy warmth of the mozzarella was to-die-for.

G had the Picante, a meat pizza with sausage and spicy salami (thus the name). The crust (on both our pies) was thin, tender and chewy with the slightest amount of char. Really nice.

Despite being REALLY loud - the floors are concrete and the ceiling is high- it was an enjoyable experience. They also have a very coveted outdoor patio space that is nice, as well, and is less noisy (save for the street din). As I mentioned in a previous post on Posto, we're glad it's in the our neighborhood. We'll go again.

On our way home, we stopped by ACKC for some macarons...more on those in a separate post.

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