Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Christmas 2009 Rewind Part 2: Christmas day brunch

Christmas day with G's family was spent eating brunch, drinking, opening presents, eating, and opening more presents. It was exhausting!

Parmesan puffs

Cheese and crackers

The house was very festivly decorated. The kids made me this jade necklace. Impressive, no?

Brunch of egg and sausage casserole and potatoes au gratin

 Kitchen sink holiday bread. At least that's what I call it. Someone brought it as a hostess gift. It had everything from nuts, to chocolate chips, to sundry other things.

And monkey bread (I think that's what these canned sticky buns are called)
Fruit cup dressed with Grand Marnier and coconut. My plate full of Americana. Casseroles and baked things are the easiest way to feed a large group. Though I do not like casseroles, I thought the meal was cute in a 50's sort of way.

G's brother brought the wine. 1998 Couteux D'Aix en Provence. Never heard of it.

G's dad loves his Port.

It was truly exhausting opening presents (and watching everyone open presents).

Someone's over it!

Thank goodness there was a lot of sparkling around. (Gloria Ferrer blanc de blanc, I believe.)
Time with family is always exhausting (in a good way).


by Fay and Josh said...

Am loving the "life's too short to drink cheap wine" sign, what a perfect way to live.

Roganista said...

Isn't that so not surprising of G's mom? Unrelated: We're not surprised (because you're not lame) but saddened that you didn't send out an obligatory holiday card with your baby's picture on it!

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