Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Southern Holiday Part 1: Hilton Head

After all the Christmas festivities at G's parents' house, we hit the road to Hilton Head! His parents gave us a week at their timeshare on the lovely South Carolina island, and we relaxed fully. It's a little bit like a suburban planned community on the beach. Everything is very planned. Not exactly our taste, but, again, it was nice to spend the time relaxing and enjoying the relatively warmer weather. It was in the 50s the whole week, which was much better than the frosty 20's and 30's at home in Washington DC. We made satellite trips to nearby Beaufort, Charleston, and sassy Savannah.

First up, Hilton Head...

We stayed in G's parents' timeshare at the Shipyard "plantation".
The weather was decent, in the 50s. There was Spanish moss and palmetto everywhere, along with some azaleas here and there.

Hilton Head is a planned resort area. Lots of family and elderly-friendly activities that are easy and a bit contrived. Though not for us exactly, I can see how it can be very attractive, again, to families and older vacationers.

There wasn't really that much to do except run on the beach and horseback ride (and for G, golf). I enjoyed the latter, even though they gave me this really wide and hairy half draft horse name Teresa (she rode well despite her clumsy look).  We strayed behind the group and had the chance canter.

We brought a bunch of stuff from home to stock the place with, including cheese, wine and pate that were gifted to us at Christmas (from my mom and sister).

Dining on the island was okay. We enjoyed CQ's and The Sage Room the most.

CQs: A "modern American" restaurant situated in an old frame house. We brought the Champagne from G's birthday; I had the venison; G had the low country shrimp and slaw; the place was decorated in festive holiday lights and bows. Nice, good service. Okay food.

The Sage Room: We enjoyed sitting at the chef's table/bar and watching the open kitchen at this modern American restaurant (with an Asian twist).

Chef-owner Matt Jording--who's actually from right outside of DC and named the place after DC's own Red Sage--was very gracious, noticing that we were waiting a bit longer than necessary, gave us Prosecco on the house.

Crusted tofu--veggie delicious

Corkage was only $15. We brought Pommard Premier Cru,  a hostess gift from Tim and Francoise (from Festivus)

Colorado lamb, medium-rare, prepared right before our eyes.

 Matt Jording (r) with his great crew. Sage Room was definitely the best of the restaurants we tried on the island. The service was young, casual, but professional and the food was excellent! This restaurant was the highlight of the HH portion of our trip.

Next up, Charleston!!


Eileen said...

the pics are amazalacious. loves the new cam and you look cute as yoozh..

pgavpgav1 said...

Beautiful text and images. I'm subscrining to your post!
Can't wait to hear what you think of Beaufort which is the love of my life as far as towns go(and where I an very lucky to have a vacation rental home!)

Kristin said...

One of my best friends from college is getting married on HHI in August. They want to do a casual, restaurant reception - am forwarding her these recommendations!

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