Tuesday, March 04, 2008

The Mess Hall Cook in Chef's Clothing

Hey, if you're gonna lie, do it big! Robert Irvine lied about cooking for the British Royal family, as well as some U.S. Presidents, on his resume. Wow! That's an amazing fabrication! Cooking for world leaders/royalty in not one, but two countries!
I would have toned it down myself: making bangers and mash for Fergie (of Dutchess of York, not Black Eye Peas, fame).
The host of Food Network's Dinner Impossible was fired by the network after revelations of his embellishments of his credentials surfaced. They will finish out the season by airing the remaining episodes while looking for a replacement.

I'm totally sad...not because they're losing Irvine, but because that stupid show will continue.

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