Thursday, March 13, 2008

What Washington Eats Wednesdays: Eliot Spitzer

Oh, the bridge-and- tunnel scandalishousnous. This has been a bad week for the now-former New York governor. Eliot "I've been a Bad Hypocrite" Spitzer resigned yesterday over his involvement in a prostitution ring that included this woman:

Ashley Alexandra Dupre (real name Yelman?) is the $1000 an hour call girl (abused runaway from a broken home aspiring r&b singer) whom he brought from New York to DC for a tryst February 13th (and sometime in January as well). So nuts! Eliot, we have dirty, dirty, late-night New York style BIG slice pie here, too, ya know (with extra cheese, the way you apparently like it)! You didn't have to transport it!

Related: What brand of perverse is it to use the very same techniques yourself for your own sicktual enjoyment (with an abused, runaway, drug addicted jersey hookah who is not much older than your own daughters) that you tenaciously sniff (no pun intended) out to ruin other (hapless, less prosecutorially powerful) people? This is just whoreable behavior.

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The Professor said...

Definitely not worth $1K an hour...

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