Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fabu Food Favor: Strawberry and Vanilla Cream Macarons


I'm so inspired by good food...and pretty pictures. Especially pretty pictures of good food. I stumbled upon this gorgeous foodie blog today. The author made strawberry and vanilla bean macarons.

The little meringue pastries were filled with a home-made strawberry pate de fruit and white chocolate & vanilla bean cream. Um...really? She just "whipped" these together for her camping trip. What? I love (read: am jealous of) amazing/talented people such as Aran!!

Anyway, I previously mentioned my dreams of having Laduree macaron favors (they come in such cool, novel flavors!) at my wedding...if only they delivered to the U.S. But now I'm thinking, Who needs you Laduree, I have this neat recipe!

It would be really great to have some home-made food to gift...given that I'm all like, "Hey I'm a foodie, y'all. Love me." Problem is, I can't bake...So, we'll see if I'll be able to pull it off. Will try this recipe and test my skills and this cookie's shelf-life/freezablility.

(I think I need to go drink some hot cocoa and read a book to ease my giddiness now.)

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