Monday, March 02, 2009

Let them eat...croquembouche?

G and I don't really like cake. But how can a vaguely Marie Antoinette themed wedding be without cake? We love little cake-like things like macarons (that I've talked about way too much already), but we want something different.

Croquembouche (translation: crunch in the mouth) is basically a cone-shaped pile of profiteroles. Wouldn't it be so lovely to eat this?


We thought it over and went back and forth for about ten minutes, and decided the pile would be difficult to cut into and negotiate. We also realized secretly that we're not that cool or sophisticated (and more traditional than we thought). So we're going with cake. I found this one on and the decoration just happens to look quite similar to the embroidery on my dress! I really like it (except for the monogram). The color is about right, too.


Then I thought, maybe this Wedgwood-looking cake would better reflect the Laduree-inspired design that I have going on in my invitations (more on those later).


And this weekend, when we went down to the Homestead for our menu tasting, I showed the chef the two cake images and let him decide. My only stipulations were that he choose the cake that he thinks is best, and that it should be close, not a parody or general approximation of the cake in the image. He said the Wedgwood cake looked too much like wood moulding and the negative space wasn't very nice. (Note to self: Chef doesn't like home-improvement elements on cakes.) So we're going with the aqua lace cake! Ironically, he told me to send him a paint chip so he can get the color exactly right. For the inside we chose two flavors: lemon (at the bottom for non-messy cutting)) and dark chocolate-raspberry (for the top two tiers).

That was easy.

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