Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Saying No to Prom Wedding: Prioritizing Food

I got this hilarious message from my friend, Alissa, today. She was to be married next week, but, as you'll read, she had to stop the prom wedding train. PROM WEDDING!

It reminded me of why we were so adament about having only 80 people. We want to serve good food and wine in a somewhat intimate setting where we can talk with guests. We received the last of our rsvp's today, and thankfully, it's right at our estimate. We almost had the issue of crashing and burning into a giant prom wedding circus when G's dad tried to invite all the cousins. Thankfully, that train was stopped and we won't have to serve banquet hall chicken and salmon after all.

We're not alone in wanting this. Alissa, puts it more bluntly!

"Congrats!!! I know the big day is coming soon. I know you will look fabulous--as always, but I hope you stop to take a breath and have a wonderful time. I'm sure, with you at the helm, everything will be GOOOOORGEOUS.

We actually pushed the wedding back to June 6, because, well, we changed everything in February because it was becoming a beast/monster called "The Worst". Too many people. Not what we wanted--and slowly careening into prom wedding. And I hated every minute of planning. So we cut the guest list down to the nearest and dearest of 30 heads and changed the setting from my 'rents country club in Long Island to a little Inn in Staunton, VA. More dinner party than anything else. Less stress, less fuss, more us. And more fun with the details. All local food, wine, flowers, etc. So, I went from hating the wedding to loving it. Thankfully. But either way--I'm glad there is a goddamn honeymoon en route. Where are you going?!


Your fellow bride in waiting"

Hers will definitely be a stylish, tasteful and tasty affair...


Anonymous said...

Just so you know, if you drizzle a little honey on Banquet Chicken, it's kind of amazing. I'm just saying.


So I've heard, Alissa.

Sue Mattson said...

Planning those weddings sure is hard task to undertake, especially when something isn't going as planned, and in my opinion, it is a good choice to cutting down the guest list to 30 attendants, to make it easier to serve them food and a tighter bond. If I remembered it correctly, on our outdoor wedding in San Francisco, we only had 40 guests and all of them are both our close friends which totally fits under the tent we had on rental with all those tables, chairs, and food.

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