Sunday, February 07, 2010

Apocolypse S-Now

SnOMG! We survived Snowpocolypse, Snowmageddon, Apocolypse S-Now! Panic! Hunger! Falling skies! Craziness!


A ton of snow on our roof!; our blanketed street; a walk in the street; lunch at Saint Ex (it was open!)--had the pupusas and fried green tomato BLT (and fries)--DELISH; monument snow sculpture at True Hardware (it was open, too! Whole Foods and Logan Hardware were not); droopy limbs weighted down by the snow; a felled tree branch (we saw one fall on some guy); an ENTIRE tree fallen; ...on a car!; Dupont Snowball Fight. (Above photos from my craptastic iPhone; video by my friend, Jonathan--who got closer to the action than I dared to.)

And that night, we went out to Adams Morgan (which, though we live nearby, we never do because we are old and not cool). But on nights like that, it's quiet, and for the locals. We walked to Cashion's (they were open!), brought a Spanish red, Finca Sandoval 2005 (corkage was only $20, and they gave us a locals' discount, to boot).  I had the scallops with spicy and delicious scalloped potatoes; G had the braised goat--very Med/North African with yogurt sauce and pita.  I love the food at Cashion's (they're closed for the Super Bowl tonight). The streets were quiet and aglow. We stopped by that poor fallen tree we saw earlier. And it was a pretty walk home. Good times!

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Faith | UPrinting said...

Look for the snow fall, it looked like it the placed was stormed. I hope nobody got sick.

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