Friday, February 05, 2010

Storm of the Century and Spicy Hot Cocoa

National Weather Service has upgraded the Winter Storm 
Warning to a Blizzard Warning, beginning at 10PM tonight,
and continuing until 10PM tomorrow. The Winter Storm 
Warning will remain in effect until 10PM. A Blizzard 
Warning means wind gusts will exceed 35 mph, snow is 
likely to be extremely heavy, and visibility will be 
reduced below 1/4 mile. Please make sure to secure all 
loose objects on your property. This extremely dangerous 
storm is expected to produce record snowfall for the 
Washington D.C. metropolitan area.   Travel conditions 
tonight will be extremely hazardous and life-threatening, 
and all citizens are urged to remain indoors.

Pink skies and beautiful, fluffy, sideways-blowing snow. 
We had drinks and leftover bolognese by the fire, then G 
shoveled snow as I made hot cocoa. We're supposed to get 
20 inches!


{Click on recipe to print}


Startup Wife said...

Oh man, this post makes being snowed in sound like the best weekend ever.

Stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from a frozen Bath County.On our way to the barn this morning everything in site was covered with frozen moisture from the nite before. The trees glistened with a dusting of ice crystals. Even the fence lines sparkled like spider webs with the morning dew.You know it's cold when the river is steaming.Ryan and I are eating our way through this blizzard.Friday featured a Shepherds pie made with lamb from a neighboring farm.A British war drama and a good bottle of Cabernet filled out the evening. Last nights enchilladas were a little heavy on the cream but who cares, we are in hibernation mode! If the football schedule will allow, we are going to brake in Ryan's new pasta machine and make pumpkin ravioli with a side of sauteed brocollini.Big news! I am the new market manager for The Bath County Farmers Market. Going to be eating well this summer. See you soon?


Hey Mary! Sounds like you're making the very most of your snow experience! Maybe you should guest blog about those pumpkin ravioli!! I have an acorn squash that needs to be addressed...and ravioli sounds like the solution! Congrats on the new appointment! Let me know more about it, and we'll post something here! See you soon!

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