Monday, February 15, 2010

Love is braised meat

We ate our weight in braised meat this weekend. Friday night we met G's family at Corduroy where we celebrated belated birthdays for the ladies.  I LOVE Corduroy. It's our occasion place, and where we had our proposal dinner.

Birthday Friday

I had the braised pork belly, G had the beef cheeks.

Art Saturday

Saturday we went to David and Laurie's (our gallerist friends) to pick up the Lou Reed piece and have dinner with them.

Little did we know, Laurie had been slow cooking beef short ribs since the night before. Served with pureed parsnips, it was amazing. She's such a good cook! We got on the subject of eating meat, and our hosts recalled the year that they stopped eating it. They said they aged quite a bit, got grey hair, his eyebrows turned white, and they experienced hair loss. Their friend, a doctor, told them that there are trace elements in meat that cannot be gotten anywhere else, so they returned to eating and got their pigment and hair back. Interesting, non?

Valentine's Sunday

Sunday, Valentine's evening, G made beef Bourguignon, authentically I might add, starting it the night before and marinating it with aromatic vegetables, bouquet garni, and an entire bottle of wine.

It was delicious. The recipe even called for heart-shaped croutons. Haha!  He gave me a tongue-in-cheek-"never"-cliche box of chocolates and a single red rose. I won this episode of the Bachelor!

I made a card for G.

Presidents Monday

Then today, President's day, we had Augustin (who's French) over to eat the leftover stew. He said it tasted great and authentic (I think). This time I served it with boiled potatoes. We also had last night's bread pudding that I made from the bread scraps of the crouton hearts.


Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's day!


tam pham said...

fabulous post.

drooling in dallas,

Kelly @ The Startup Wife said...

Oh my goodness, YUM. I can't decide which meal I'd most want to eat. ALL. The heart-shaped croutons might be winning me over, though--adorable!! What a sweet husband.

That's really interesting about your friends' experience with vegetarianism! (I'll be sure to mention it next time someone gets all judgy about my eating meat.)

Faith | UPrinting said...

Hmmmmm, I'm speechless. You had a great meal and I bet you enjoyed the time *jealous* LOL. I super love the card your hubby gave you, that is so touching. Aw.

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