Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Our favorite three-legged stool: Art, food and wine

Tim, art collector, oenophile and foodie extraordinaire hosted (the weekend before last--I've been behind in my posting) a little dinner party to celebrate Gesche W├╝rfel and her show at Civilian Arts Project. It was also an opportunity to introduce G and artist, Barbara Liotta , to discuss Chinese art (and her upcoming trip to Beijing). But generally, it was just a random reason to bring together a bunch of people who love the three-legged stool.

We started with a very nice onion tart that Bob made. It tasted great with the lightly sweet and crisp Reisling and Soave. Maureen made a yummy tapenade of olives, figs, garlic and rosemary.

 Tim always rearranges his art collection, so I'm always seeing things anew:

{Yes, the beer cans in the basket is a sculpture; similarly, the red canvas is a painting; Sarah is a photography curator at the National Gallery of Art; the doll--a sculpture.}

Everyone was instructed to bring a Volnay and we all did the taste test. It was beyond me (and many of the other guests) to figure out the differences and guess which was which. The one thing for sure was that the 2006 we brought, stood out as greener or younger tasting than the other three 1999's. (Thanks for forgetting to tell us that vintage detail, Tim!)

 Cynthia was the keeper of the key. She drew the decanters to remember which wine was in which.

For the main course, Tim made chicken paprikash. We don't eat chicken, but I was starving and the sauce was really tasty. Maureen brought a delicious mashed potato-topped mushroom ragu. And there were some lovely steamed green beans.

There was a nice cheese course that Cynthia and Sarah brought. Dessert included a lovely carrot cake by Maureen and handmade chocolates from Biagio in Adams Morgan (brought by Gesche and Rosanz). We always walk by that shop, which is right next door to a consignment shop that I frequent, and never go in. I had the Jasmine dark chocolate heart. Oh.My.Goodness. It was HEAVEN. I love the delicate, perfuminess of jasmine, and with intense dark chocolate as its counterpoint, it was perfection

Another fun evening, thanks, Tim!

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