Monday, February 12, 2007

Amy's--Not Just for Doves Anymore

Despite the fact that I regularly shave my armpits and didn't vote for Kerry, I find this stuff scrumptious (

...I also rest easy knowing that it doesn't contain any GMO's (genetically modified ingredients)--no cloned three-eyed cows or super tomatoes engineered from fetal tissue and some tungsten.

For a discussion of heady things like cloning, fetal stem cell research, and science, go to: ...

(But if you're more interested in awesome things to put in your pie hole, stay here.)


Q. said...

Tungsten is the main ingredient in most things served at The Inn at Little Washington... so you may want to rethink this.

Also, shameless plug of another blog. It didn't even make sense...

The internets are not pleased.

roganista said...

...Perhaps fetal tissue is the more troubling of the two.

Different agnostic wine plate bottle sunny...of course the shameless plug made sense.

F* you internets and your firm grasp on the literal.

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