Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tequilaccinos and Immigration Research

I know, I've been really bad about posting...what with the winter malaise and the new job (doing immigration policy research) and all. The past few weeks have been really bad weather-wise and the only two things that staved off the depression and frigid temperatures (not to mention served as a thematic nod to my new gig) were scrumptious gigante vegetarian nachos at my neighborhood sexy Mexy restaurant, Merkado, and a walk home to my place to make capuccino spiked with Tequila (aka Tequilaccino--see recipe below):

2 shots espresso

2 shots tequila

place ingredients in cup, mix, sip (FYI: Don Julio is to be sipped. Always.)

Now that it's not so violently cold out, I will be sure to post more often (and drink less distilled spirits).

1 comment:

Q. said...

If you'd given me a heads up, I probably could have bought you a special "tequila-measurement-delivery-system" at Sur La Table the other night.

Related: Tequila is for poor people... and inappropriate work-mates.

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