Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Diner, Testing Emo Patience

Mike and I waited 20 minutes outside The Diner (in Adams Morgan) for a table Saturday afternoon. Even at 2pm, the place was packed--filled with late risers trying to get over their hang overs with comfort food. However, standing around in the cold was worth it for a few reasons:

1) The large plate of chili cheese fries we eventually shared--the chili was actually really flavorful and you almost don't notice the orange, processed bladder cheese smothering the perfectly deep-fried potatoes.


2) This girl-->

who walked into the restaurant to see if she could get a table as her patently gay male friend waited outside. Unsuccessful, she came out, screamed, "Why the f* are idiots standing in the vestibule...why stand in the vestibule? G*d%mn idiots in the m*ther-f*$&ing vestibule..." and then walked off with patently embarrassed gay male friend.

Who says "vestibule" and why was she so angry? Mike and I pondered the latter and came up with the following:

a) no coffee, no Zoloft, no fun;

b) recouping the financial and intellectual investment on a Women's Studies degree is tough when you're a 30 year old non-profit intern (who wouldn't feel a little stressed?);

c) complaining about nothing in a strident, shrill manner is the only way a (Wellesley) woman can get ahead in Washington (who knew?).


3)...(The final reason the wait was worthwhile:) The french toast--they give you like 67 slices dusted with powdered sugar and a gluttonous array of choices for toppings (including fruit and syrup). It is absolutely to-die-for and you can get it, along with other breakfast items, 24/7!


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