Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Restaurant Nora: Eh - Fine, But Not the Finest

Went to Nora's tonight with Abby. It always gets rave reviews. The restaurant, despite the relatively higher price point, was pretty casual. I'm not sure about the wall hangings of various quilts and batiks, but the brick walls and white table cloths were sufficiently tasteful. At least it served as a reprieve from the pseudo-ultra-mod that is so pervasive in DC restaurants these days. The service was attentive, though the waiter seemed uninformed. Interesting wine list with cutesy characterizations. The cocktail menu of various organic concoctions struck me as a tad amateurish, if not cheesy.

Abby actually wanted a Coke with dinner, so they gave her an organic cola called Blue Sky. They're serious about their organic (almost as serious as Abby is about her soft drinks).

I had the beet salad and mushroom risotto. The beets were fine, the risotto was suprisingly light with a lot of vegetables. It didn't have the creamy and simmered texture that I'm used to, but was good nonetheless.

Abby had the blackbean soup (which was flavorful, but somewhat uninteresting), and an average looking salmon dish. (I never get salmon--wait, unless it's cured and sitting on my bagel with cream cheese, served carpaccio style or part of my maki selection.) Anyway, dessert was nice: apple pie and caramel ice cream for Abby, pear and cranberry crumble with ameretto ice cream for me. Apparently everything, including the ice cream, was made in-house. Tasty, but not overwhelmingly so.

Overall it was fine...but not the finest. I think the place might be a tad over-rated, lacking in its creativity (every restaurant in town does beet salad, salmon, risotto, etc.), and over-priced. The floors creeked and moved everytime a waiter walked by, and the atmosphere was quaint at best. I might go again one weeknight when I want to blow some cash, but wouldn't celebrate an occasion there. http://www.noras.com/noras.php

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