Monday, May 07, 2007

I Want Mussel(s)

...not the kind Diana Ross sang about. I'm referring to the hard-shelled molluscs of the saltwater variety. I try them whenever they're on the menu. Any menu. From the classic french moules frites to nouvelle interpretations with curry and can't go wrong. Following are some recent savorings:

~In white sauce at Vermillion, Old Towne (basic, lots of garlic)

~Moules frites in chardonnay sauce, Bolero Brasserie, Bermuda (substantially-sized, chardonnay and garlic sauce, classic)

~Steamed in unctuous yet delicate yellow curry and fennel sauce, Perry's (amazing, the sauce was the star here--we had to fight the server to leave the remainder for our bread)

~In tomato sauce at Rosemary's Thyme (small, perhaps not so fresh, bland sauce)

~Again a basic, pureed and strained tomato sauce at Hank's Oyster bar (large, good quality mussles, sauce is simple, but good--better with a dash of Tobasco)

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