Wednesday, May 23, 2007

What-Washington-Eats Wednesdays: Monica Goodling

Washington's latest 'Monica', the former Justice liaison to the White House, testified before the House Judiciary Committee today after being granted full immunity. She denied playing a major role in the firings of U.S. Attorneys last year, and basically fingered DAG, Paul McNulty, for misleading Congress.

Expecting an emotional and tearful testimony, House staff strategically placed a box of tissues nearby. She let them down. She didn't cry. In fact, she stood her ground. Yet, she was not exactly the image of the strong, sharp, Ivy League-pedigreed Washington lawyer one would expect. Instead, she came across a bit provincial, a tad pedestrian.

I venture to guess Ms. Goodling's favorite eats may include chicken and biscuits at Cheesecake Factory or, when she's feeling really crazy, the lo mein combo at PF Chang's--both conveniently located next to malls everywhere.

*This Wednesday series is dedicated to what (in)famous Washingtonians eat.

1 comment:

hoogrrl said...

Her hair really bothers me.

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