Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines! I'm Back with Baguettes, Butter, and Blackberry jam

I've been on hiatus for a little while, working on my wedding blog (don't judge me). Anyway, I miss this place.

So, hi! Hope you are having a nice day full of good food if not hearts and bunnies.

Mine started very simply. Woke up to these sitting on a table in the bedroom:

Went to the gym.

Went to Whole Paycheck to get a large side of Gravlox and its acoutrements (dill, shallots, boiled egg, capers, yogurt dill sauce, cornishons, and mini rye bread)--our appetizer contribution for a potluck dinner we're going to tonight. We also picked up a mini baguette for breakfast.

Then came back home and cut up the loaf, spread on some butter and jam while G made coffee in his new press.

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