Monday, February 16, 2009

I celebrated Presidents day by eating in Leesburg

We went out to G's parents' today. We brought his mom some belated birthday flowers and then drove to Leesburg for lunch.

Me, selecting three bunches of tulips and reminding G that single-flower bouquets are better than mixed when you get them from the flower guy on the street.

We ate at Lightfoot, a casual but nice-ish restaurant in the historic downtown area. It's housed in a large and majestic old bank building. The cafe menu includes a daily grilled cheese special (which G's dad got--I forget the type of cheese but raisin bread was used) and little tweaks on American comfort food. G had a spicey meatloaf sandwich and his mother got the fish tacos, which were apparently good. I had this decent fish and chips. The fish was battered and deep fried, puffy and firm. Almost too firm. The chips were rounds of potatos, also deep fried. Not bad. We had a bottle of Grand Beck, a South African sparkling wine (good and reasonably priced--and we're serving it at our wedding bar).

We finished it off with a nice vanilla ice cream cone:

Also, I came home and re-arranged my Valentine's flowers:

Happy Presidents day! What did you do?

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