Thursday, August 06, 2009

Easy Summer Cold Sauce

No, not a sauce for your summer cold. A cold sauce of stuff from the garden. Yep, more tomatoes and basil. What can I say, that's what's growing. And free from the garden. Good for the lazy and recession-minded.

Years ago, when I was watching Jamie Oliver, I got a quick lesson in an "easy peasy" summer sauce. It requires no cooking, and is so full of flavor, you'd step on an old lady for it (to quote my dear friend, Mike). The fresh herbs are strong as is the garlic, but they make a good foil for the sweet, ripe tomatoes and slick olive oil. I make it almost every week during the summer. All you need is fresh tomatoes, basil, thyme (or any green herb), garlic, olive oil, and paremsan.

Cut up the first four ingredients. Toss them in a bowl with about a 1/2 cup of olive oil. Press down on some of the tomatoes to expel their juice.

Add hot pasta on top along with the grated parmesan and a pat of butter. Season to taste.

Serve with something grilled or go to town on it alone.

We had this nice 2004 Hall Cabernet with the meal. Though not light, it worked with the strong flavors of the beef and the herbs and garlic from the pasta.

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