Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Weekend In Chicago: Part 1, "French" Snacks

G has been in Chicago for business. I flew there for a little visit Friday night. En route in the cab, I called him to tell him about the traffic and the fact that I had a minor headache with a touch of hunger.

He was so sweet to have fries and Champagne when I arrived. Fried potatoes and bubbly is the best treatment for a headache.

And in the room, the hotel supplied apples and MACARONS! More macarons! How funny and sad. They were nowhere nearly as good as the Laduree I was just gifted the day before (and had to put in the freezer before my trip). Sigh. But they were a very pleasant surprise and enjoyed nonethless.

A great start to the weekend. We then went on to dinner at (ostensibly) Avec ...(see Part 2)

(BTW, I dropped my camera again. The lense is acting up. So it was difficult to manage good photos. I need a new one. Preferably an SLR. Any suggestions?)

*Image source for skyline photo here (post processed by moi).


FrenchTwistDC said...

What hotel is that? I might have to stay there next time I'm in Chicago!


FrenchTwistDC: Thanks for reading my blog!!

It's the Park Hyatt!

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