Monday, August 03, 2009

Saturday Street Scenes: 10th Annual MidCity Dog Days of August

On Saturday we took in the big sidewalk sale event in our Logan Circle neighborhood. In its 10th year, Dog Days of August Sidewalk Sale celebrates DC's hottest shopping corridors: 14th and U streets. MidCity shops, galleries and restaurants took their wares to the sidewalk, featured performers welcomed shoppers to what has been hailed as one of DC's most unique and dynamic retail zones.

We even saw the cast of the Real World and their film crew.

The event reminds us of how incredibly walkable this neighborhood is, and very dog friendly as well!

We looked around a bit, saw this neat art-car...

...sat outside at Commissary and took a leisurely and delicious lunch of a BLT with a fried egg and watched the street scenes unfold. People with their dogs, lots of dogs. Sun dresses, a guy in a sarong, and slim jeans everywhere (on guys and girls)...


is a great place to people watch. It's a fantastic neighborhood restaurant that is green-focused. The food is comfy, yet smart, and the prices really recession-friendly. It's great for a casual stop in. With its coffee lounge in the middle of the restaurant surrounded by dining tables and a great bar, you can never go wrong here. We're so fortunate to have it around the corner from us - and need to visit more often.

We got a preview of the new coffee shop, MidCity Caffe, that is to open in three weeks above Miss Pixie's. They were having a little promo of $1 coffees. And as a budding coffee enthusiast, G gives their brew a thumbs up. They use these filter thingies.

I love this city and these streets. Check out 14th and U Streets whenever you get the chance. They're colorful, arty, and authentic.

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