Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Leftover food and shopping in your own closet (or green is the new cheap)

Good thing about parties, you get to eat the leftovers for dinner...for possibly a week. Tonight we had the rest of the opened wine. We purchased several cases and opened 18 bottles; most people seemed to like the sparkling the best. Anyway, we ate some ham, gougères, puff pastries, shrimp, mini cheeseburgers and some dessert (leftovers from dinner with G's parents' Sunday night).  Sigh, holiday gorging.


Afterwards, we made our family Christmas list and went to the closet to sift through our "bag o reJifts" (i.e. rejected gifts and chotchkies we collected on our travels throughout the year). I'm happy to say that there was something for  each family member (just need to be sure not to regift back to the same person, ha!), and we'll get the main gifts on Amazon. I really do not like shopping for the holidays (and in general).  Thank Goodness for the interwebs.

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