Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Againn and again

We toasted to yet another (again?) special occasion for our fave Frenchies, Cecile and Augustin: they just came back from Paris, fresh from their civil wedding ceremony.

They told us of the pompous deputy mayor who officiated. It was very hilarious! All I remember is that he put on a show which included broken English and utterances of "New York! New York! New York!" as well as his posturing as a friend of Africa whilst asserting that Columbia University (where the couple met), while a great school, is "no Sorbonne."

We decided on Againn (pronounced agwen), a new gastro pub. I love their elevated pub menu which includes a "daily roasts" section (for this particular Saturday it was roast pork with crackling and bubble and squeak--which they ran out of) and traditional English bar fare (including shepherd's pie, black pudding, and bangers and mash). Though there was a very full display of wine, their focus was the whiskey menu.

Starters included, poached pear, Stilton and grapefruit salad; grilled sea bass; raw oysters and Champagne! For dinner: I had the fish and chips with mashed peas. Cecile had the roasted flat iron steak with bone marrow. The guys had the pork belly with cracklings and apples. All pretty good! I'd like to try it....AGAINN!!


Heather said...

Hi! This is Ms. Snapdragon. I just wanted to stop by to say that I've been reading your blog, and I just love it. I love your photos; I love how you write - I am so glad I met you via 'Bee! I hope you're well. xoxo - Snaps

Online Printing Company said...

Daily roasts?! Wow! I love roasts. Thank you for sharing your fun experience! Congratulations to the newly weds!:)

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