Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween Paulée

What, you don't know what la Paulée is? Paulée is a Burgundian celebration (in this case, dinner) around grape harvest time to which guests contribute a memorable bottle of wine (Burgundy, bien sur).

And who else but Tim and Françoise would host such an evening? So it was the traditional BYO plus...Halloween. Don't you love the juxtaposition of kitsch and oenophelia?

Anyhoo, the place was decorated in the most tasteful necromancy....

People--only SOME people--showed up in costumes. Hi, the invitation read "Dress: Halloween!" I guess that meant something orange or brown, and not a costume per se.  Here are some good sports:

We dressed up (I as Little Edie Beale, which no one got;

and G as Don Draper, which was more recognizable). Perhaps next year I'll just do the popular "slutty and obvious" costume. No I won't.

  Françoise could have easily been Betty Draper

I digress. Though we were disappointed that no one really made themselves up (okay, we were more disappointed that *we* made ourselves up),  Tim channeled his inner sommelier with the neck cup thingy and a shiney vest, and made us feel thismuchbetter.

There were tons of great food:

Salmon mousse

Nice cheeses

Françoise's delicious gougères

...speaking of which, here she is working hard on the fantastic...

Beef Bourguignon!

All kinds of desserts showed up, too:


And of course there was the wine (sorry, I didn't get any of the vintages, save for the one Bourdeaux--little help, Tim?). And this was only SOME of what was there...

Clos de Vougeot

Clos des Cortons Faivelly

Pommard Rugiene


Clos de la Roche

An old (as in 1990!) Château Climens Sauternes with dessert. Very nice.

We were one of the last ones to leave. Overall, a great time! Thanks once again, Tim and Françoise! Oh, yeah, and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

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