Sunday, November 08, 2009

Francophilia: Champagne Tasting at the French Embassy

Tim and Françoise gave us their tix to the French Embassy Champagne tasting Saturday night -- a pretty nice event.  Tattinger, Pommery, J. de Telmont were among many that were represented, along with some great restaurants. With the tix were passes to the after party at Napoleon.

pâté de campagne from Bistro Lepic

Our neighborhood chocolatier, ACKC

Pommery demonstrates how to pop a cork with a Laguiole knife

Macarons! and chocolate bombes from Patisserie Poupon
Zentan, the new Asian restaurant (in Donovan House) -- great salad; Cecile also says they have amazing sushi.

Mushrooms with creme fraiche (forget the restaurant name) 
Zentan salad with shredded wonton and flowers 
Bacon-wrapped scalops, salmon rolls (from Sofitel) and cheese

White truffle and mushroom ragout topped polenta from Bistro Lepic
Though I find classic French cooking tired and cliche, I think we might need to make a trek out to Alexandria to try La Bergerie.

The afterparty at Napoleon was sponsored by Peiper Heidseck. They had a crazy display of a giant red lamp and mini bar


Online Printing said...

Its official after looking at all these pictures, your post made me hungry! Popping the cork using a knife is an awesome stunt; I saw a chef did that once when I was in a food and beverage expo. Too bad I wasn’t able to record it.

Can’t wait for your next post!

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