Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Roast Lamb Shoulder with ratatouille and happy Thanksgiving!

As promised: the last of the successful weekend meats. This time it was roast lamb shoulder with ratatouille, green salad with blanched green beans and lemon dressing, cheese and almond pear tart. For a party of seven.

(a starter of olive oil, avocado and pistachios on grilled bread)

We had Cecile, Augustin, Deb, Martin and Henry over. Anyway, it was not too unlikely of a gathering. It was a good Saturday evening and we were happy with the way the food turned out.

Chopped fresh rosemary and garlic to rub on the lamb

A mandoline and vegetables for the ratatouille

(C&A brought Champagne and Deb and Martin brought and nice Bourdeaux--we had a Wesmar Zin and Graham Beck, a sparkling, at the ready).

 Green salad of Boston lettuce, basil, blanched green beans and pistachios. Dressed with lemon vinaigrette 
A small cheese course of Comte, Saint Andre triple cream, and a local Virginia semi-firm cheese 
An amazing pear and almond tart with port glaze that we bought at Costco a couple months ago (and put in the freezer); whipped fresh cream

We bought some orange and yellow striped tulips for the table. Overall, it was a fun evening full of laughter and good conversation. (You'll note that G's hands in most of the cooking images. He insisted on doing all the dirty work as I architected the meal; I can really get used to this!)

{click on the recipe to print}

The good time makes me thankful for all that we have in our lives: good health, food, and friends. Happy Thanksgiving, all!

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The photos made me hungry again and I just finished my food. The roast lamb is something to remember. Thank you for this sumptuous post.

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