Saturday, December 06, 2008

For breakfast this morning, I had cheese toast and a(n) honeymoon announcement

So as I was drinking decaf and eating toast this morning, I realized the toast needed something. When Mr. R axed me what I was doing, as I grated Grana Pedano on my toast, I said, Adding umami.
Somehow relatedly, he then told me he booked our honeymoon to Italy. We're going to Italy? Yeah, free first class tix, and we can figure it out from there. I knew it would come down to Zurich/Venice or Shanghai/Tokyo. I guess Mr. R decided on the former, which is fine with me! FOOD-WINE-ART-FUN, are

coincidentally my four favorite things. Lake Como? Venice? Florence? Now he's making me look through Travel & Leisure and Wine Spectator for ideas. Oh the decisions. For now, all I know is that grating a hard, nutty cheese on my butter wheat toast was one of the best breakfast choices of my life.

p.s. you've probably been wondering why I've been so prolific lately. It's because my camera works again! Recall that I dropped it in a bowl of clam juice this summer. For months I've been using Mr. R's POS, and to be honest, it was totally bringing me down.

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