Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I love ratatouille (the movie and the dish)

First off, Ratatouille is perhaps the best animated movie ever. Second, Tony Bourdain loves it. And anything Tony loves, I love.Ratatouille the dish is basically a country vegetable stew from Provence/Occitane, France, typically made with zucchini in the summer months. But with the stewed tomatoes and the fact that we can get all kinds of vegez year round, why not make it on cold evenings? 

 I made a shortcut using squash along with the classic zucchini (but held the eggplant). Basically, cube and sautee the vegetables along with onions and garlic, some thyme and basil. Add tomato sauce (I prefer the Cento because it's light and has no sugar or additives). Not so secret tip: add a little chicken bouillion and wine to give it a long simmered taste. All it requires is about 20 minutes until the vegez are soft after bringing it to a boil. 

Typically, the dish is served as a side or with rice. I just topped some whole wheat pasta with it. Done!

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