Friday, December 05, 2008

A good idea

Recently, I had the following email exchange with Hi-Po about an entry I was working on about Dinner Confidential, the Food Network show:

Roganista: yeah, i saw my friend joe on dinner confidential when i was flipping channels the other night...i should write something in the blog about that...

Hi-Po: You should sign up for that show.

Roganista: should! and make turkey burgers.

Hi-Po: How do I sing up for that?

Roganista: sing up for that? how about sing a ballad about turkey burgers.

Hi-Po: I can do that! I(t) will go something like this.. Burgers are the best in town and no one is ever going to bring them down….Turkey is the best in town and no one is ever going to bring them down….Turkey Burgers are at the best in town and no is ever going to bring them down… Then repeat….Thrice times

Roganista: that's nice. how about we take some polaroids of you singing that into a tape recorder while wearing a diaper in the stall of a tastee freez bathroom?

Hi-Po: ...Also before I am on the show – I will need to prepare a bunch of platitudes (like its all in a days work) and (you get what you pay for) maybe something about (too many cooks in a kitchen) to say on the show. I should also come prepared to talk about my wife and how she has a lot of clothes.

Roganista: yes.

Hi-Po: This is really going to work….

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