Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Washington Eats Wednesdays: Dinner Impossible at the DC Improv

Have you ever turned on the tv and seen a surprise, out of nowhere? I did. Last Wednesday night. This is remarkable for two reasons, okay really three. First, I rarely ever watch television. Second, it was a friend whom I'd never, ever imagined seeing on television, let alone NATIONAL television. Third, it was the Food Network, and this friend, Joe (head closest to the pot in the picture to the left there), is no gourmand. In fact, I'm pretty certain he subsists on a diet of beer and cereal. So I was shocked to not only see Joe on tv, but national tv, and most importantly on FOOD TV!  I, of course, had to watch. It was apparently an episode of Dinner Impossible that was filmed back in February with Robert Irvine at the DC Improv (before Irvine was replaced for lying on his resume). Joe, aside from coordinating focus groups for a political pundit, is a talented comedian. And he, along with some other improv students, got to help Irvine prepare a meal for 200 people using weird ingredients like Hot Pockets, Ramen Noodles, and Ketchup! (Ironically, or coincidentally, I think Joe is a connoisseur of these food items.) Here's what they created:

First Course: Salad with avocado and pomegranate dressing and tempura HOT POCKET!

Second Course: (They forgot to buy Tilapia so they had to make
 due) Bratwurst and RAMEN!

Third Course: Butterfly chicken stuffed with crawfish and cheese and tomato salsa. Pork with KETCHUP onion sauce. Tomato with corn and brussell sprout sauce 

Fourth Course: Coconut milk
flan with kiwi

Apparently, it wasn't bad at all! Very creative! I love improvisational cooking, and do it all the time. That's probably why I'm better at creating meals than baking. No planning, no worries!

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