Monday, October 19, 2009

Birthday dans Québec

I turned 37 Friday. G planned a wonderful long weekend in Québec. It was a surprise that he had been working since August, researching hotels (we stayed at Chateau Frontenac) and dining (we ate at Toast and La Champlain). We had delicious impromptu little snacks and lunches and savored things like croûton spécial, caribou pâté, lemon-butter-and-honey crêpes, chausson aux pommes. We went to the old port market and purchased a bunch of goodies including ice wine from the coast, maple syrup, local Québecois goose liver and a bit of saucisson (for a snack).

Like magic, G rangled the brand new (sold out) GF1 camera, which is what I used to take all these images. (I had been wanting a new camera -- and coincidentally, my Canon Elph stopped working our first morning there--he couldn't have planned it better himself). He is the bestest.

Berry soufflé

Local goose liver at the Old Port Market (kind of like our Eastern Market)
The epicerie (aka bodega) had all sorts of terrines of game. We picked up this couribou terrine and had it for breakfast with some cheese and fruit. Delish!
Old Port Market

The fish course at La Champlain. A lobster and potato something or other was served in a giant spoon bowl.
Red deer tataki at La Champlain
Liver dry sausage

All kinds of game pâté

The yummiest lemon, butter, and honey crêpes at Bistro du Cap
My new camera!
The cheese course at Toast. A warm bowl of goat cheese layered with onions, tomatoes, olive oil, and macadamia nuts.
Seared duck, rare, wtih crispy spiced skin and a pot-au-feu of giblets and other nice things

The AMAZING seared duck breast served with boudin blanc (pork, milk, and egg pork sausage). We had it with a lovely Sauternes. This first course was the best course at Toast.
We stayed in the Lindbergh suite at Chateau Frontenac

G brought a couple bottles of Champagne for the room.
There were all sorts of maple products, including this maple butter

It was quite cold

Epicerie de la rue Couillard, full of baguettes and other goodies

croûton spécial, a baguette toasted, brushed with wine, and topped with cheese, tomato and onion
A warm bowl of cream of mushroom

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