Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When it's warm out but you're in a Fall state of mind

Sunday was one of those confusing Fall days -- all bright, sunny, and slightly warm. It was too hot to eat a braised crown roast, but the changing leaves cued our palates for the taste of cinnamon and warm apples.

Mom whipped up the best compromise. A cool Vietnamese noodle salad, which included herbed greens, grilled beef, and rice noodles topped with an unctuous and spicey fish sauce.

Perfect for the Indian summer day. There was an unopened bottle of bubbly that I left last month. Bubbly and brightly-flavored Asian salads (even with beef) is perfection.

And to keep it autumnal and American, moms whipped up the most DELICIOUS stewed cinnamon apples (which were picked a few days before), topped with vanilla ice cream.

She didn't add any sugar...and so it was so rightfully balanced. I can't stand overly sweet desserts. And you know what? It went great with green tea. I love fruit and tea. There is no better palate cleanser.

Fall is here!

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