Saturday, October 31, 2009

Eve of Hallow's eve: No trick, alllll (macaron) treat

Last night I had Shepherd's Pie (that's Shepherd, not Cottage, meaning lamb not beef) at the ready for the little charmer's homecoming. (Made it the night before). We enjoyed the peasant fare with a Bourdeaux...

 ...and we toasted our five-month-aversary with Cognac and the cupcakes.
Later, Cecile and Augustin stopped by with a surprise...
Laduree Macarons! This is the second time they've come back with my mostest favoritest of treats!
We had drinks and discussed costume options for the following night. Augustin said he would be the former East German chancellor (20th anniversary of the Berlin wall and all); I said I would be Rachel Menken to G's Don Draper. But that's so last year. Instead, it'll be Little Edie, kids!!!!!

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